The Thumbnail, it’s one of the two initial fragments a Viewer first sees when browsing through content. It’s because of this we take serious pride and confidence in servicing you, as an influencer and brand with diligently and carefully created Thumbnails to immerse viewership and certify this key component is correctly produced, on time – every time.

Our main value at Casperlight Media, is our passion for the ever-growing market which is social media. It’s because of this we understand how important time is to each and every influencer and brand. With our meticulous and industry leading processes we have created and formed new methods to how a Thumbnail can be produced.

We Start by creating an overview of your Brand, we aim to understand your values and create a mutual idea on the aims of each thumbnail. This is followed by a brief introduction to our formatted creation sheet – designed specifically for you. We understand time is of the essence and long briefs and explanations are simply not a logical solution – by creating a bond and understanding with your brand we are able to produce each thumbnail in 30 words or less, guaranteed.

It’s because of this process, we are able to offer our services immediately with the attentiveness towards the importance of each individual thumbnail – ensuring that every last request is met on time, regardless of any circumstance.

From previous experience and thorough market research we understand influencers and brands may have formed previous relationships for the creation of their content – to then later be left in the dark, due to an ‘un foreseen issue’, leaving themselves with no Plan B and a possible failure of upload on the desired date as a result. It’s because of this we formed Casperlight Media with the guarantee of reliability. All of our designers are in-house and available for you at all times. We aim to assign you with a personal designer who fits your brand best and contributes to the creation of your thumbnail, coinciding with the content inside.