Casperlight Funding Round 2019

Hundreds of thousands of Creators are competing for the eyes of billions of YouTube viewers every day.

Despite the sheer size of their potential audience, many creators struggle to strike a balance between content production and viewing consistency. The amount of time required to create, produce and market their content often leaves creators exhausted and unable to find the consistency required to deliver their great content to a significant following.

At Casperlight we offer Creators professional channel management, graphic design and editing services to take their content to the next level and grow their channel.

Operating in the industry since 2012, our depth of experience and knowledge has seen hundreds of clients come to us for services- be it to increase the quality of their content and grow their channel, or simply to free up some valuable time to create more! With humble beginnings of Managing Director William Roberts providing services to a select network of creators aged just 14, our team now boasts a wealth of creator, marketing and production experience as the driving force behind our three core services available.

Our piece-rate service offerings are flexible and come with no tie-ins or obligations for our creators, giving them the freedom to create on their own terms. With current clientele creating content generating over 350 million monthly views to over 45 million combined subscribers, the stage is set for Casperlight to access an even greater range of creators who can benefit from our unique and trusted service offering.

We are ready to grow and meet the demands of thousands; giving hard-working creators the audience they deserve! 

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