Meet Ben

Casperlight have been working closely with Ben, and his Channel/Brand Adapt to Perform (ATP) over the last few months. For those unaware, ATP is an informative YouTube channel based around posting workout routines for individuals who are disabled and looking to keep fit. ATP also have an avid Instagram account which posts regularly, with inspirational and motivational videos and articles to accompany the other exclusive training videos they post. ATP is a hot topic currently and is projected to continue its rapid expansion throughout 2018 and the coming years, continuing to grow daily.


Adapt to Perform is operated by Ben Clark, he is at the forefront of the brand in all aspects. Ben tragically suffered a spinal cord injury in 2010 due to a swimming accident.  Living in Australia with the ambition to reach the London 2012 Olympics, Ben was training frequently before his accident and in many aspects the world was his oyster. When Ben returned back to the UK on a visit to family and friends. Ben, upon returning to the UK headed the beaches and was in the sea when he decided to dive below the water. In complete misfortune whilst Ben carried out this seamless action a sandmoud was located directly below him. In freak disaster Ben broke his neck at this moment and as a result led motionless in the water, Ben was fortunately rescued by a lifeguard and was rushed to hospital in critical condition.


Ben is now a quadriplegic and has little movement in his hands and no movement in his legs due to this accident, he has now dedicated his time to helping others with disabilities, continuing to inspire those around him, and proving to all anything is possible. Ben is still an incredible athlete, swimming regularly and visiting the gym frequently, as shown on his social media.


Ben is a true credit to society and an absolute inspiration to everyone he meets. Along with his determination and drive to succeed, we believe Ben deserves all the growth Adapt to Perform is currently seeing present and future. Ben has proved to himself and everyone around him he can achieve anything and is constantly moving forward and keeping a positive state of mind. Ben is a personal hero to us at Casperlight and is outright remarkable, his outlook on life is something we truly aspire to follow. As he frequently mentions on his social platforms, happiness is everything.


Casperlight are working closely with Ben in regard to expansion to his social channels. With the aim that a larger outreach can be produced to allow a higher amount of people who can be motivated by Bens incredible story. We are very excited for what Ben has to come in 2018 and consider it an absolute privilege to call him part of the Casperlight Family.