The Journey of Casperlight

Casperlight was created by W F Roberts in 2012 from his bedroom aged just 14, envisioning to only a small scale, Mr Roberts began producing and providing services through online gaming to interested parties.By 2014 Mr Roberts had already grossed a total turnover of over £20,000.00 and was now employing over 30 contractors to complete his new established demand. This success followed in his later investment, Casperlight Media. Founded in 2014, using the connections which had been established via his services in gaming. Casperlight Media became the forefront of the company and was Mr Roberts soul focus, growing at exponential speeds and developing into a dominant company in just 6 months, allowing the company to very quickly build a prestigious stature whilst working with some of the industries leading names such as Dreamworks, and Sony Entertainment.

By 2016 Casperlight Media had grossed over six figures and had become a powerhouse in the social media services industry. Employing over 150+ contractors and providing services to over 40+ clients. Offering services to their client base who boasted more than a combined reach of 200 Million monthly viewers. Moving into 2017 the company continued its outstanding growth, developing and continuing its portfolio, with the addition of departments in Finance Management, Sales directing and Business growth planning. Casperlight has now begun to break into new industries only recognised by very few with the wager these new markets will be the next breakouts over the coming years.